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Tantric-Rock Fusion

What do you get when the mystique of Eastern music meets the progressive rock of the West?

Karmakult forging new ground in popular music.

Currently on tour, the music is familiar to lovers of classic rock, but ingeniously incorporates elements of Eastern cultural music.

 You will hear a diverse range of instruments and influences at a Karmakult performance. It’s all rock, it’s great original songs, it’s a fusion of progressive rock with Middle Eastern, European and Asian cultural music that messes up your senses then forces your brain to adapt. The pulsations of Karmakult band will open your mind and ears to new possibilities in rock music. This band delivers with hard rock, ballads and world music, all in one excitingly diverse package.

Karmakult is the brainchild of Australian singer/songwriter Suresh, whose music has variety and appeal for all, including the die-hard rockers.  Suresh has a firm belief that the 'meeting' of cultures through art, music and community can heal world conflict and help the peace process.

Karmakult is Australia's Premier Tantric-Rock Band and totally independent. In contrast to the contrived pop dominating the airwaves this group stands out in originality and creativity. 
Original hard rock fused with Indian & Turkish music to create a sound that immediately entrances the listener.
Leave behind all your preconceptions of rock music and prepare yourself for something mystical!