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Formally kown as Rendall Wagner Band

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Paul Carruthers
Paul Carruthers
Darrabukka, Tarija & A thousad drums and percussion.

Eternal - Pulse - Heartbeat
Travelling throughout Turkey, Morocco & India sparked a passion within Paul for all things Eastern.  With over twenty years of professional drumming experience under his belt, Paul is the rhythmic master of Karmakult. Armed with his faithful Darrabukka, sitting astride his vintage Rogers kit, Paul becomes the Pulse of Karmakult.
James Overend
James Overend
Acoustic & Electric Guitars

Sentient - Hot - Emotive
Jimi, as he is known to us, is one of Newcastles most accomplished and sought after musicians.  With a string of professional credits to his name, Jimi has the chops, the licks and the riffs to die for!  His ability to play soleful, heart-warming solos is only outdone by his ability to shred and burn with the best of them.  Few guitarists have the ability to inspire like James Overend.
James Beech
James Beech
Bass (and occassional harmonium)

Earthy - Connected - Sublime
The Master...  James Beech is the definitive backbone of Karmakult.  His talent as a bassist is unsurpased.  From amazing rhythmic complexity, lightning fast licks to slapping funk grooves, he truly is The Master.  An amazing sound engineer and talented musician, his skills have helped give Karmakult it's distinctive and unique sound, both live and in the studio.

Pratham Ravi
Indian Tabla

Tantric - Mystical - Hypnotic
Trained in India by renowned tabla masters, Pratham provides the talas for the amazing Karmakult experience.  Pratham is a rare find, a talented and soulful musician that easily bridges the gap between the East and the West, fusing rock with traditional Indian rhythms.  The traditional rhythm instrument, the tabla, perfectly compliments the pulsations of Karmakult.
Vocals, Flute, Baglama & 12 String Guitar

Cerebral - Etheral - Exotic.
The voice of Karmakult. The incredible talents of accomplished singer/songwriter - Suresh. Born into an Indian family in  Malaysia during the Vietnam War era and growing up in Australia, Suresh is inspired by his own mixed cultural background. The enchanting music and lyrics of Karmakult embody his soul.  He has a firm belief that the 'meeting' of cultures through art, music and community can heal world conflict and help world peace.
Garon Staines
Bass Guitar ~ Harmonium

Powerful - Electric - Seductive.
Another amazing multi-talented musician, Garon has recently taken over live performance from James Beech.  Garon is a powerful force in Karmakult, delivering steady grooves and definitive soul.